Below you will find the contact information for the current steering team of PCCC and also the current point person for the various sub-teams.

For further information contact:

PCCC Chairman

Tom Hoban



PCCC Vice-Chairman

Barry Cunningham



PCCC Secretary

Bridget Dunne



 Rick Livingstone



PCCC Finance & Accounts



PCCC Internet Media / Web Master



PCCC Membership & Attendents Administration



PCCC Print Media



PCCC Prayer & Intersession  Co-ordinator



PCC Hospitality Co-ordinator



PCCC Greeters Ministry



PCCC Registation



PCCC Ushers & Offering



PCCC Soundboard



PCCC Projection Media



PCCC Video Media



PCCC Worship Ministry



PCCC Prayer Ministry



PCCC Consilidation Ministry







Under Construction

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