This page will list the active members of PCCC in alphabetic order. That is those who have made a clear commitment to the vision, mission and values of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Council of Cork.

Please note that being a member of PCCC does not mean that PCCC as a whole or any individual member automatically endorses or agrees with the teachings, doctrine or practices of another member. It only means that they agree with the vision and mission of PCCC and agree to abide by the values we hold.


Our Stated Limitations and Scope of Authority

We are not a licensing, credentialing or ministry endorsing board/council.


We have no jurisdiction or governance over another Pastor, Leader or Group – our sphere of authority only extends to the PCCC activities, meetings, promotions and official PCCC tasks and literature.


PCCC is not a body to be called upon for church or leadership disputes in either individual churches or city wide – (only where it directly and clearly affects PCCC matters between leaders on the PCCC council or where such disturbances may incur problems especially concerning the annual Pentecost conference).


We will refuse to be called into such situations or disputes and refer those who request such actions or intervention back to their leadership locally, nationally or denominationally. Such intervention is not part of the vision or objectives of PCCC.

Members Listed Alphabeticly


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